Our 10 Day Challenge

The Good Life Challenge

My wife Shari and I have lead  many of these challenges over the past few years in our community. Our most recent one was for over 3200 participants from 62 school districts in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Participants have seen on average 3-5 pound weight-loss, 30-50 point drop in total cholesterol and drop in blood sugar and blood pressure in just 10 days. We provide the recipes, resources and materials to help you live a healthier life.

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Our goal is to help as many people as possible to find real health. We want to make the challenge available to any business, company or community groups that want to affect change. We can help you plan and coordinate a challenge for your people or we can run a challenge for you. Let's talk!

Jumpstart Testimonials

What our participants shared

Thank you Doug Schmidt and Shari Schmidt for being so supportive and leading all of us through this amazing process. My eyes are opened to a new way of eating and being healthy. You’ve inspired us and made a lasting positive impact on the way we view food and what it means to lead a healthy life. I am forever grateful.

195 to 156 in 10 days, just found out! I had my thyroid and cholesterol checked right before the new year for my hypothyroid med. three month lab slip. My cholesterol was high (in my terms, dr's think 195 is an okay number!) from all the Christmas indulgences. And was high at my physical in June, that's why I get cholesterol checked along with my thyroid. I'm not on any meds except thyroid med. So, I had blood drawn on the 11th (I started challenge on the 1st, knowing if I didn't, I'd overindulge between the 1st and 8th. My dr told me it won't change much. I told her I bet her a high five that it's 150, ha! I was close, 156! So, ha! The proof is in the oats! Not quitting now! And no drops, pills, powders, only real food and lots of it!

My overall cholesterol dropped 60 points (200-140)

My LDL dropped 45 points (122-77)

My HDL cholesterol dropped 23 points (63-40)

I have lost 5 pounds.


Timing is everything. I had scheduled a physical months ago before

knowing about this 10 day rescue. So Monday I had blood work done and

I just now got my results. My cholesterol was 194 in 2014. Today it

is 133. I am not on statin drugs. I just changed my diet. Whoa!

This challenge, at first, gave me strength (once again) to separate my food choices from my husbands food choices, then it quickly transformed into a blossoming world of wonderfulness on so many levels. The community, learning, sharing has been off the charts amazing. The abundance of choices has been a shift I feel I can live with for life! Shine on ☀

I am so thankful for this experience - I didn't know that my cholesterol was high until I did my pre-challenge blood work! My cholesterol dropped from 247 on 1/6 to 175 on 1/18! ALL my other numbers went down too and I learned that I CAN survive without snacks and sugar.

As a new employee in Victor I'm so glad to be somewhere where health and well-being are taken seriously.

I started this challenge earlier than the start date as I had the time during Christmas break to get prepared and decided to continue past the 10 days. What a difference! I have only changed my diet and finally went back to my workouts last night after a 3 week hiatus. My workout classes can be intense -2 nights of Pilates and at least one HIIT class each week. I was concerned that I would feel my usual sluggishness after being away that long. I was so wrong! I had more energy last night than ever! I’m sold!

Hi Doug,

Thank you for creating this challenge! I had a baby last year and have been struggling with my weight, eating healthy and getting to the gym. I was in the best shape I had ever been in right before I got pregnant. I'm the first to admit I wasn't able to be strict the entire 10 days. But I made a conscious effort to be as strict as I could while juggling a baby at home! This challenge has been an eye opener for me. I feel fantastic, I've dropped some weight, I’ve been full and I have almost a sense of pride in eating better. This has been a life changing experience.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your inspiration and for all of the newsletters. I have been participating in the challenge and have been truly changed by this process and I definitely see food in a new way and have an even greater appreciation for healthy eating. My 30th birthday occurred during the challenge and my family even prepared an entire plant based dinner surprise party, it was amazing! I actually lost 7 pounds and feel energized and am really enjoying the Plant Based Diet and am planning to go longer than the challenge!

Many, many thanks for all your and Shari's hard work and support. I feel this has really made a difference and plan to keep up many of the habits you have tried to instill. I would love if this could be done two or three times a year. I find I get into more bad habits during the school year (saying I am too busy) than in the summer when the garden is flourishing.

I had an eye opening experience yesterday that I wanted to share with you. I went to a specialist with hopes that they could test me for food allergies. Something has been causing

me increasing intestinal issues and I've worked to pinpoint it myself, but I'm struggling. My son couldn't even crawl across my body without causing me extreme pain, that's how bad it was getting. It has to be something that I'm eating that is in many things because I've tried all the standard elimination diets - dairy, gluten, etc. The only time I am pain free is when I don't eat anything at all, which isn't very sustainable... lol. I have found fructose is a big contributor and greatly reducing/eliminating that helps, but I really wanted solid answers. The Dr. rolled his eyes at me about my excitement for the results this diet has

given me and asked me if so and so put me up to it... pretty rude in my opinion, but anyways... He also stated that since I'm experiencing pain and not having any severe effects after eating, it must not be an allergy and basically was telling me he just couldn't help me and had no helpful advice or guidance to

offer aside from what I had already done that didn't work. He also couldn't believe that I wasn't on any medications and commented that it had been a long time since he had a patient who wasn't on any medications. Wow. Just... WoW.

This challenge has me feeling better than I've felt in a long time and the intestinal discomfort is almost completely gone!! I also have much more energy than I've had in years, which is another thing I was seeing specialists for, who would test my thyroid, and run blood tests and came up with nothing. My blood work is actually excellent as well as my biometrics, but I was feeling pain daily and it was draining me of my energy. I was exhausted all the time which was causing me to feel like less of a mother to my son, not wanting to do much of anything, and I've been dragging at work. This challenge has helped me

so much more than doctors have! I think that really says a lot for the plant-strong lifestyle. ..I'm so excited about it I just had to share. This experience has definitely been a life changer for me.

I just got home from my Biometric screening at Wegmans. I must say, I didn’t think I would have very interesting data to share because my original numbers were pretty decent.

Total cholesterol 175 now 121 Ratio was 2.9 now 2.4 Blood pressure 121/83 now 105/69 BMI down 2.5. Waist down 2.5 inches

I did do the challenge as directed with no cheating. Also, I did it for 14 days (started at first biometric screening). I thought I lost 8 lbs, but Wegmans says 12. It doesn’t matter though - I lost!

 I will be trying to stay the course - most of the time. Thank you!

Down 9 lbs Total cholesterol from 195 to 150.


I just did my biometric an I had great results. I lost 7 lbs.

Total cholesterol 154 from 203

Blood pressure 106/71 from 127/73

Lost 3 inches from my waist.

My TC/ HDL is 3

Glucose 79 from 93

Thank you for organizing this challenge and sharing all your knowledge.

This has been eye opening, wonderful! I marvel at the results I have seen and felt. My husband and I definitely want to continue eating in a healthier way and not go back to the things we were doing before the challenge. Doug and Shari, thank you so much for all the support, the ideas and the recipes...I think I will miss my daily e-mail!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge. It has been an educational experience. I'm looking forward to continuing this way of eating beyond today and into the future. I have more energy (although some might say I didn't need to be more energized :-) ), off my acid reflux medication and enjoying green tea instead of coffee with hazelnut creamer, surprise surprise. I also hope to pay it forward to others willing to experience a positive change. Thank you Doug Schmidt and Shari Schmidt for this opportunity, sharing your knowledge and experience and creating this Facebook group so that we can continue beyond today.

I first wanted to thank you for all the great recommendations. I just had my screening done at Wegmans and lost 14 pounds,!!!! my Total cholesterol went from 183 down to 119

Glucose from 84 down to 59 lost 2 inches off my waist. So excited just went shopping for a cart of veggies and fruit. What a great journey!

I have to share my results... Cholesterol 280 to 185.... glucose 81 to 89... blood pressure stayed normal... BMI 32 TO 29.8 and weight down 15 pounds!!!!! Holy moly I am excited!!!

So...total cholesterol went from 219 to 109. TC/HDL from 4.3 to 2.3. Glucose 95 to 84. BP no

change (115/78). Lost 6 lbs and BMI down 1.3. Place me solidly in the believer column. 

I have struggled with hyperlipidemia for 25+ years. My total cholesterol has never been so low. I was 100% compliant during the challenge and plan to keep much of the plant strong lifestyle. Thanks to FLASHP for the Challenge sponsorship, all my colleagues and family for the encouragement and comradery and Doug and Shari for all the motivation and support